All apartments have a minimum stay of three nights!

General Information and Terms and Conditions


SBA: Stockholm Budget Accommodation
Host: person(s) letting his/her apartment out to rent
Tenant: person(s) renting the apartment let out by the host
Short term rental: rental of apartment for a time period less than 28 consecutive nights (the 28th night is included)
Long term rental: rental of apartment for a time period more than 28 consecutive nights

Booking Procedure

Prospective tenants have the possibility to send booking requests to hosts through SBA’s web site. A booking request does not commit the prospective tenant to anything; they are requests to the hosts regarding the availability of their apartment for a certain time period.

The host will answer the prospective tenant’s request as soon as possible, regularly within 24 hours. In some cases the host may need more than 24 hours to respond. The response of the host, whether it is an acceptance or a decline to let the apartment out, will automatically be notified to prospective tenants through e-mail from SBA.

Whenever a request is accepted by a host, a PayPal payment link will be sent to the prospective tenant. The PayPal payment link does not commit the prospective tenant to anything. The prospective tenant may receive more than one PayPal payment link if he/she has sent more than one booking request, and if more than one host have accepted the request. The PayPal payment link is payable for a period of 6 days (where after it will automatically be cancelled).

Payment of a PayPal link will confirm that the prospective tenant wishes to rent the apartment specified in the payment link. Please note that an apartment for which a booking request has been sent is available for other prospective tenants as long as the PayPal payment link for that apartment has not been paid.

Upon reception of the PayPal payment, SBA will send a confirmation e-mail to the prospective tenant with further instructions, including contact details of the host, on how to proceed after the booking. The host will simultaneously receive similar information regarding the tenant.

The tenant should contact the host no later than five days before arrival in order to make arrangements for the payment of rent, the hand over of keys etc. If the time period between the confirmation of the booking (that is the payment of the PayPal payment link) and the date of arrival is less than five days, the tenant is required to make contact with the host as soon as possible.

Prices and Price Structure

The prices provided on SBA’s web site are total prices, only an administration fee (of generally 150 SEK) will be added. For more detailed information on price structure see next paragraxcephs.

Exception, during special events in and around Stockholm the prices can be higher than stated on the website. If that is the case you will always be informed before confirming the booking in order to accept or deny the request.

The total cost for the tenant includes the following: the rent to the host, the booking fee to SBA, the administration fee to SBA, and VAT on the booking and administration fees.

An administration fee of 150 SEK ─ for booking fee totals up to and including 4000 SEK ─ will be added. For booking fee totals above 4000 SEK the administration fee is 3,5 % of the booking fee total (this is approximately equivalent to the charges paid by SBA to PayPal).

All prices provided on SBA’s web site include VAT.

For extra services not included in the price ─ such as cleaning fees and late arrival fees ─ see below.

Payment of Fees and Rent

The PayPal payment link mentioned under the heading “Booking Procedure” includes the booking fee, the administration fee, and VAT. It must be paid in advance in order to confirm the booking of a specific apartment.

The rent is to be paid in cash directly to the host or his/her contact upon arrival. Hosts will only accept Swedish currency and will have no possibility to take credit cards or checks, or the like.

Deposits for Short Term Rentals

The hosts may demand a deposit. The deposit regularly amounts to 1000 SEK.

The deposit can be provided by the tenant in another currency than SEK and will be refunded on the day of departure provided nothing else than the effects of normal wear is detected in the apartment and the keys are properly returned to the host.

If not otherwise agreed upon the apartment should be left duly cleaned, failure to meet this requirement will inhibit the return of the whole or part of the deposit (for other arrangements on cleaning, see below).

Extension of Stays

Should you wish to extend your stay, please contact Stockholm Budget Accommodation in order to check availability. In case of extension of the stay, fees and rent should be paid in advance.

Short Term Rentals: Terms of Cancellation and Refund Policy for Cancellations

Cancellation must be made by notifying SBA by e-mail.

Booking and administration fees less or equal to 800 SEK are not refunded. For amounts greater than 800 SEK, 50 % of the booking fee will be refunded if the cancellation is made at the latest 30 days before check-in date. No booking or administration fee is refunded for bookings cancelled later than 30 days before check-in date.

Failure to appear by one or more tenants is regarded as a cancellation later than 30 days before check-in date. There will be no refund of fees or rent in such cases.

Short Term Rentals: Check-in and Check-out, Late Arrivals and Refund Policy

Regular check-in time is between 15.00 and 22.00 (03:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.) the day of arrival. Regular check-out time is at the latest 11.00 (11:00 a.m.) the day of departure.

Check-in or check-out times outside the regular ones mentioned above are possible only after agreement between the host and the tenant. For arrivals after 22.00 (10.00 p.m.), the tenant will be charged 100 SEK extra for each subsequent hour, or part thereof.

The host and the tenant should agree upon the actual check-in and check-out times.

Any delay in arrival must be communicated by the tenant to the host. Should the tenant fail to communicate the delay, the host has no obligation to wait for the tenant more than 60 minutes after the check-in time agreed. Should the tenant fail to communicate a delay and fail to appear at the latest 60 minutes after the check-in time agreed, the booking will be regarded as cancelled. No booking or administration fees will be refunded in such a case. However, the booking may be reactivated if agreed so by the two parties.

Should the tenant check out prior to the end date booked no rent or fee is refunded.

Upon check-in the tenant will be required to show identification papers that match the name on the reservation. If the guest is unable to show the required identification, the booking may be cancelled by the host. No refund of fees will be made in such a case.


Cleaning is not included in the rent or fees and the apartment must be left by the tenant duly cleaned. Failure to meet this requirement will inhibit the return of the whole or part of the deposit. After agreement with the host the tenant may however leave the apartment without cleaning by paying a cleaning fee to the host. The price for a final cleaning is dependent on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms. The prices are approximately: 300 SEK for a one room apartment, 400 SEK for a two room apartment, 500 SEK for a three room apartment and 600 SEK for a four room apartment. For larger apartments the fee will be higher.

Please note that the tenant, regardless of a hired cleaning or not, is required to dispose of any waste and wash any dishes before departure.

Limitation of Responsibility

The host is responsible for the letting of the apartment to rent. SBA acts only as an intermediary between the host and the tenant. Should the host, for any reason, be unable to let out a room or an apartment which has been booked, SBA will try to find another apartment to the tenant. Should this not be possible SBA will refund the booking fee. The guest is in such cases not entitled to any other compensation besides this refund.

SBA bears no responsibility for conditions or events that lie outside of SBA’s control. Neither SBA nor the host bears any liability for the tenant’s belongings regarding injury, damage or loss.


Any disputes or complaints are to be managed and solved by the tenant and the host directly. SBA has no responsibility whatsoever in case of such disputes. If the tenant and host do not come to an agreement directly, SBA may however serve as an intermediary.

Any refund or compensation should be agreed upon by the host and the tenant directly. No refund or compensation is made by SBA in cases of disputes or complaints between tenant and host.

The following applies to specific and general complaints:

-          If the tenant considers the apartment to be not duly cleaned upon arrival, the tenant should contact the host immediately in order to solve the issue.

-          Any other complaint regarding the apartment should be made within 24 hours after check-in and be communicated to and solved with the host directly.


Illegal activities are of course not allowed in the apartments.

Smoking is not allowed if not otherwise agreed upon.

Pets are not allowed if not otherwise agreed upon.

Please respect the neighbours and keep the apartment silent after 10.00 p.m.

The breach of any the obligations above invalidates the booking agreement and the tenant(s) will be demanded to leave the apartment immediately. No refund of fees or rent, or other compensation, will be paid for situations occurring due to the breach of an obligation.

The tenant is required to follow the rules of conduct of the host. The tenant must in all ways treat the host’s apartment with care and respect. The tenant must be careful with the host’s property and inventories and in case of damage and/or loss of any inventory the tenant is responsible financially for its replacement. The guest must as soon as possible notify the host if damage occurs.

Additional information

Extra bed linen and towels will be provided for stays longer than 10 days. One set of keys will be provided to the tenant. If more sets are required it will be according to agreement between the host and the tenant.

Please note that the apartments rented through SBA are mostly private apartments where the hosts regularly live their daily life. The apartments may therefore to some degree contain personal belongings and effects. Complaints in this regard do not warrant any refunding of rental or fees.

Please note! The content of the "Terms and Condiitons" may be changed by SBA without prior notice.